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Tranquil Tide
Panacea, Florida

To rent Tranquil Tide contact us, Rob & Kate

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We have just gotten started renting this place so we are keeping the rates low, $600 per week with a discount for longer term rentals ask us about this.  We have to add Florida sales tax and are just now getting out liscense set up so are not sure what the rate is, we will know soon, it should be between 7% and 10%.


We have a $50 pet fee to cover extra cleaning and defleaing, but no pets are allowed without prior approval.


The security deposit is $300 which if fully refundable if you leave the place in decent shape.


Q: What's the difference between your mother in law and an alligator?
A: Alligators are kind. They tear at your flesh and hold you under the water to drown, and then they push your body under an old log to rot.

Q: How many arms has an alligator got?
A: Depends on what he’s had for dinner.




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