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Tranquil Tide
Panacea, Florida

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About this Website...

This website is the result of 10 years of evolution of our trying to put information together about our beach house.  It started in 1992 when we first purchased a beach house, this was the Gulf Breeze, which we sold in 2000 and purchased Kate's Dream.  The Gulf Breeze is also located on Alligator Point, down the beach a few miles.  At first it was just a page or two of information we could print out and give to friends, family and renters. Over the years as we thought of or learned things we thought might be of interest to people we added them.  So the original two pages has grown to probably 25 or 30 today, and it will probably keep growing.  Kate sometimes thinks we put too much information on the website, but Rob is of the opinion that if people don't want to read it, they don't have to.  Since Rob types most of this he won.  If you are reading this page you probably agree with Rob.

You should know that Rob has almost no real computer skills.  He did take a computer class in college but today his computer has no card reader and doesn't seem to understand Fortran so his limited computer education hasn't done him much good.

In 1995 we got on the internet and started using it as an attachment to emails.  Over time it grew to be too large to email to everyone so in about 1999 Rob got brave and figured out how to use Netscape Composer to post the material on a website.  That website had only one very long page, and with lots of big pictures was hard to use, people using a phone modem connection had to wait a long time for it to download, and things frequently went wrong.  Then in early 2002 Terry Kearns from Atlanta contacted us.  He was offering to help us improve the website.  We have gotten a lot of offers of this kind but we have a general policy of never responding to unsolicited email so we just deleted them.  The difference was that Terry had already redesigned our website; he copied things from the web and reworked them into a draft.  So I opened it and was really impressed.  It worked much better than ours did and looked a lot nicer.  We sent out email to some friends with different browsers and kinds of internet connections asking them to take a look.  We got back an enthusiastic and unanimous reply that this was the way to go.  So I got back to Terry and he helped me to master the basics of City Desk the publisher he uses.  Working with him has been great, he taught us to edit the website ourselves and not to have to depend on him, except when we couldn't figure something out.  So as you read through the website today if you find any errors, problems or lack of professionalism, we will take credit for those, but for making it work and accessible Terry deserves the credit.  If you are looking for help with a website we whole-heartedly recommend him.  See him at

We moved into Kate's Dream and stopped renting it in the Fall of 2003, and about that same time our friend, Jack Simmons decided to start renting his house, Alligator Pint.  We have now turned the site over to Jack to help market his home.  Alligator Pint is just a 15 min walk down the beach from us and is similar in size to Kate's Dream, so the website still fits.

We do try and keep this website current and accurate, but it is not always possible.  If you find inaccuracies, links that don't work, or anything else wrong with the website please let us know.  Also if there is anything you would like to see here that is missing let us know.  Any comments are welcome.

"Give me an alligator sandwich -- and make it snappy!"




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