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Tranquil Tide
Panacea, Florida

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Panacea by the Bay

Note - This website was developed about 10 years ago to advertise our rental house on Alligator Point, a few years ago we moved into that house and stopped renting it.  The website stayed up but was not maintained and a lot of the information got out of date.  Recently we got a new rental house in Panacea, near Alligator Point, the Tranquil Tide, and that is what we are advertising now.  We are trying to keep most of the area info and update it but it will take a while so as you read through this understand that as long as this warning is on top of the home page some of what you are reading may be a bit out of date.  Thanks, Rob and Kate


Tranquil Tide is our rental house; it is in Panacea, an isolated fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico in Northern Florida.  This website describes Panacea, the area and the house we rent.  We used to rent our Alligator Point home from this website, but we moved into it a few years ago and we now have the new rental, T-2 in Panacea.  Panacea is about a 15 min drive and 5 or 10 miles as the crow flies from Alligator Point.  In the past we listed rental houses for friends on this website and the Viola house, a nice small bay front house on Alligator Harbor.

Tranquil Tide our new rental home is a large 2 bedroom 2+ bath house.  The house overlooks Dickerson Bay and is a great place for one or two couples.  Although we allow up to 6 people in the house it is most comfortable for one or two couples, if you read through the description you’ll understand why.  The house sits 12 feet off of the ground on concrete pilings; this is a requirement of the new building codes for houses in the “high energy zone” near the water.  Theoretically sitting this high will keep the house above the 100 year hurricane storm surge and surf.  Although the house is on Dickerson Bay it is less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico with nothing but a few oyster bars and some salt marsh holding the full force of the Gulf back.  At ground level there is a small storage area of about 200 square feet, with a toilet and sink, a half bath.  Most of the area under the house is covered parking, it is concrete and there is plenty of room for a couple of cars and a boat.

Off of the dining room is a small screened porch with 2 sets of French doors opening from the dining room.  The screened porch has ceiling fans and a tile floor.  The bedrooms are both master suites, with double closets and queen sized beds.  Off of each bedroom are master baths, both with oversized Jacuzzi tubs and separate 5' showers, both baths are quite large.  The bedrooms have French doors opening into the living room or sun room.  The living room has 12 windows all looking out onto Dickerson Bay; it is a great room to spend time in.  You can leave the French doors from the bedroom open and look out onto the bay from your bed!

The house sits on the "corner" of Tulley Ave and Quiet Cove Court in Panacea.  Tulley Ave was plotted and dedicated to the county about 100 years ago and until our house and the few around it were built it was not maintained and trees grew on it.  In late 2007 the county finally cleared the street and now it is a grated dirt (packed sand) road.  Quiet Cove Court is a short dead end street with 3 houses on it, ours is the first.  Only 4 houses total use Tulley in our direction and there are none past our house, so the only traffic on Tulley in front of the house is us, and the only traffic on Quiet Cove are us and the two neighbors, it's a pretty quiet area. 


You can find the location of the house on Google Earth using these coordinates:  30 02 12.84  -84  23 13.92 just copy and paste them into the location box and it will take you right there.  Last we checked the image on Google Earth predates the house so you don’t actually see it, you just see the location.


Panacea is a nice little town of about 300 people.  Most of the permanent residents are commercial fishermen.  It is not a tourist town, but there are still several good places to eat and you can buy great locally caught fresh seafood, often caught the same day.

This is a great place to fish, enjoy the water and relax.  Beaches and lots of other things to do are not far away.

Panacea is easily reached from the northern half of Florida or Georgia. You can fly into most anywhere in that area. The closest airport is in Tallahassee (45 min drive), but we also sometimes fly into Panama City (2 hr drive), Jacksonville (3 hr drive), Atlanta (5 hr drive), Orlando (5 hr drive), or Tampa (6 hr drive). There is also a small unpaved private landing strip just a 5 minute drive away.

We are usually pet friendly.  Ask for details.                

As you read through this website you will find lots of useful information and some not so useful information.  Almost everything you read here is at least partly true, and most inaccuracy is unintentional.   

Many people consider alligators aggressive dangerous animals ready to attack at any minute.  When canoeing just remember alligators are actually lazy slow creatures just laying around looking for a handout.

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